Medio Fondo

New for 2019, partnering with Centurion!

The C50 / Medio Fondo is a 72km distance event with an 11:20am start time on Saturday June 15th. It’s great for those who feel they aren’t ready for the full distance or just prefer a slightly easier pace. To keep things fun and challenging the Medio Fondo will have a timed Hill Climb Challenge competition up the “Bowles Hill Climb”, a well-known segment in the area that is approximately half way through the course. There will be a Feed Zone located just beyond the top of the Hill Climb Segment.

License Requirements
You do not need a cycling license to participate in this event. If you do not have a cycling license you can purchase an event permit when you register. You will be required to sign a release waiver prior to participating

See the course maps here.