Race Rules

UGFWS riders are free to wear any jersey they want in the qualifier events.
Exceptions to this rule: Reigning World Champions are obliged to wear their official jersey in UGFWS qualifier events

Mechanical Assistance
There will be one neutral service vehicle following each start group to provide basic mechanical assistance.
Riders are encouraged to bring their own spare wheels to be placed in the service vehicles before the start of the race. Wheels must be clearly marked with the rider’s number. Although efforts will be made to provide a rider’s own spare wheels in the event of a mishap, in the interests of servicing riders quickly, a service vehicle may supply wheels at random. The organization is not responsible for damage to wheels even when resulting from use by other riders.

Timekeeping and Ranking
The event is timed for all the participants, during the whole course. Timekeeping will provide an overall final ranking, a ranking for women and another for men.

Event Specific Rules

  • This course is not closed. The Yellow Line Rule will be strictly enforced for rider’s safety
    In order to keep the event safe, you must, stay on the right side of the road. Any rider caught crossing the center line may be disqualified and eliminated from the race. If you are removed from the race and ignore the instruction to do so, you may be subject to further penalties.
  • In case of lightning, the race may be delayed or cancelled. If you are informed that the race has been stopped due to lightning, you are advised to seek shelter until the race can resume. If the race is cancelled, there will be no refund issued.
  • For your safety, if you withdraw from the event for any reason, you must inform the nearest Commissaire that you are no longer racing. Any unreported DNF may result in a severe penalty.
  • In the event of a mishap, riders are strictly forbidden from drafting behind vehicles for lengthy periods in attempting to catch up to their group. Such drafting may result in disqualification.
  • The races will be held under the rules of the UCI and UCI UGFWS.
  • The penalty scale of the UCI rulebook will apply.
  • All Non-OCA members must sign a Cycling Canada Waiver at registration or they will not be allowed to start.
  • Races will start promptly at the indicated start times.
  • There will not be a team managers meeting.
  • Team vehicles and private vehicles with spare parts/bikes are forbidden to follow the race. Only race organization vehicles are permitted to follow the race while in progress.
  • Awards will be presented according to the published schedule. Top-¬3 finishers are required to attend award presentations or risk forfeiting their awards. Riders must wear their competition uniforms for the presentation.
  • Radio communication is not permitted between riders and anyone else.
  • There shall be no parking on race course.
  • Photographers must obey traffic laws; do not obstruct traffic.
  • The use of glass containers is strictly prohibited during the race.