Safety Regulations

Mandatory helmet:

  • The UCI takes a very hard line on the wearing of a helmet. Wearing a helmet will be compulsory for all UGFWS events, throughout the whole race. Participants are barred from the start or their race number will be immediately withdrawn if they are caught by a member of the organization without their helmet.
  • Per CCA rule 1.3.031 N) At all times when participating in or preparing for an event held in Canada, all licensees who are mounted on a bicycle shall wear a securely fastened helmet that meets a recognized cycling standard for the specific discipline. Riders shall provide documented proof of this, such as a manufacturer’s label, upon request by event officials.

Medical certificate:
To confirm the physical capability of a cyclist to take part in a UGFWS bike race, the organizer requires one of the following guarantees:

    1. Either that the participant holds a license (which is issued on presentation of a medical certificate to the effect that there is no medical reason why the participant should be unable to practice cycling) issued by a national cycling federation affiliated to the UCI.
    2. Or that the participant holds a medical certificate to the effect that there is no medical reason why the participant should be unable to practice cycling, which has been issued by a doctor.
    3. Or that the participant attests to (and signs) the fact that he is in perfect health and fit for the physical effort required for such a cycling race, UGFWS declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event. As the good health of cyclists is one of the overriding concerns of the UCI, we prefer options a) and b) above.
    4. During the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, only riders with a national year license are allowed, so a medical certificate is not necessary.

Accident and third party liability insurance:
UGFWS organizing events assure that all cyclists who wish to take part in an event forming part of the UGFWS hold accident insurance and third party liability insurance. To facilitate access to its event, in particular for cyclists travelling from foreign countries, the organizer provides the possibility for all participants to take out one-day insurance.

Safety on the course:
Safety plan: The event Emergency Action Plan has been prepared by Odyssey Medical
Identification of danger points: The organizer takes care to indicate all the danger points on the course

Following vehicles: For sporting fairness and to avoid possible problems, riders will be eliminated immediately if they are caught benefiting from vehicular assistance from a third party not belonging to the organization.

First aid
Emergency system:

    • Odyssey Medical will be providing medical support for the event and be positioned at the Start / Finish area
    • A first responder will be following behind each group on the road.
    • The organizer provides a first aid kit to provide minor assistance to cyclists at the start, finish and at all feed zones.